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Prevent the Risk of Missing out Motherhood — Reproductive Health Awareness on Advanced Age Conception
Prof. (Mrs) Vinitha Suresh
HOD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department), Jabalpur Institute Of Nursing Sciences and Research, Jabalpur (M.P)
ADHD Awareness, identification and knowledge- a vital tool for teachers.
Prof. (Mrs.) Sapna Das
Principal, Jabalpur Institute of nursing sciences and research, Jabalpur (M.P
Impact of six months of naturopathy on symptom score and anthropometric parameters in patients suffering from hypothyroidism
Ranjna Chawla*, Rukamani Nair**, Somnath Mukherjee***,Yendrenbam Ibotombi Meitei****, V R Sood***** , B.K Roy ******
*Department of Biochemistry, GB Pant Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (GIPMER), **,***&**** Department of Research, Bapu Nature Cure Hospital and Yogashram, New Delhi, ***** Ram Lal Kundan Lal Hospital, Delhi, ****** Roy Clinic.
Effectiveness of Psychosocial Competency Program for Rural Government School Children
Suresh Lukose
Psychiatric Social Worker, Department Of Psw, Nimhans, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Challenges of 5G
Dr. Mohamed Abdelghader Morsi Mahmoud
Head of Research & Study Department, Telecommunications & post Regulatory Authority (TPRA). Khartoum, Sudan , Associate Professor: Alneelain University , Khartoum, Sudan